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Al Shabaab Spokesman warns Ma’awisley, as hundreds militants complete training

Mogadishu September 19,2022 (SD) – Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Mohamud Rage (Ali Dheere) today for the first time addressed the tribal uprising against Al Shabaab in some regions in South central Somalia of the country and the war declared recently by President Hassan Sheikh.

Al-Shabaab spokesman also spoke about the war against Al-Shabaab that was recently declared by President Hassan Sheikh.

“Am telling Hasan Sheikh, we accept your declaration of war and we shall meet on the battlefield, our two declarations can’t coexist,” said Ali Dheere. 

Al-Shabaab Spokesman, Ali Mohamud Raage (Ali Dheere) made the statement at the completion training event to thousand new fighters of the extremist’s group.

The Al-Shabaab spokesman called the tribes that rose up against the Islamist group infidels. Adding that the uprising in Hiiraan and Galgadud regions, will end up in similar failures just like those of the British forces in Sayid Mohamed Abdullah Hassan’s time. 

Ali Dheere said the Ma’awisley militias were those who used to set up road blocks in the old days, and now the Somali Government has armed them to fight us (Al-Shabaab). 

“The Government of Somalia just want to reach their goals, their own interests, living you in a desolated situations to perish.” Said Ali Dheere, adding that Al-Shabaab sword will decimate the tribes.  

Ali Dheere also called to stay away from international community’s and the Governments residences, informing the public that they will attack those targets. 

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