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Al Shabaab targets local villager’s resources in Hiiraan

Beledweyne September 18,2022 (SD) – According to reports from Ceel-Jiiqoow in Hiiraan region, water well and the houses has been burned by Al-Shabaab group earlier today. 

Further reports from Ceel-Jiiqoow in Hiiraan region says that after Al-Shabaab fighters burnt down the houses and the water wells all the residents left their village. 

Ceel-Jiiqoow Well was where villagers and their livestock’s living in its surroundings used to drink water from, a vital source for the poor villagers and in what some are calling inhumane action by Al Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab group have confirmed to local media that they destroyed Ceel-Jiiqoow water well. 

This came at time while there are ongoing operations were Somalia’s National Army Forces with Local Community Forces are fighting the extremist’s group in Hiiraan. 

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