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Al Shabab attacks ATMIS base in Bal ‘ad

BAL ‘AD-Additional details have emerged regarding an attack carried out by members of Al-Shabaab in the middle of the night on a Burundi military base, which is part of the ATMIS mission, in the Bal ‘ad district of the Middle Shabelle region.

Eyewitnesses in Bal ‘ad told Reporters that Al-Shabaab attacked the Burundi military camp located in the Hawa-Tako neighborhood, near the former Somali TEX garment factory.

Reports indicate that the Burundi soldiers responded to the attack from Al-Shabaab, and so far, no casualties have been reported from the clash.

Residents of the Hawa-Tako neighborhood in Bal ‘ad faced significant fear during the brief battle, although the situation in Bal ‘ad is currently calm.

At the end of the last Ramadan, Al-Shabaab launched an attack initiated with explosions in Bal ‘ad, temporarily taking control of the district.

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