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U.S. says Abdulkadir Mumin is the leader of the Islamic State

-NBC News reports that U.S. authorities have identified Abdulkadir Mumin, the leader of the Islamic State in Somalia, as the current highest-ranking leader of ISIS targeted by American forces.

Abdulqadir Mumin is believed to have replaced Abu al-Hassan al-Qurashi, who was killed in a raid in Syria in early 2022.

According to NBC News, two American officials stated that on May 31st of this year, U.S. forces carried out an operation approximately 50 miles southwest of the city of Bossaso in Somalia, targeting the top ISIS leader, Abdulqadir Mumin. He quietly took office last year, but it is not clear if he died in the bombing.

Neither the United States nor Somali authorities have officially announced that Mumin has died in the airstrike.

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