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Al Shabab Attacks Jubaland military bases

KISMAYO (SD) – More updates are emerging about an attack by Al-Shabaab on areas north of Kismayo, the capital of Lower Jubba region and the transitional Federal government of Jubaland.

Reports indicate direct shoot-out between Al-Shabab militants and Jubaland military officers following Al-Shabab carried attacks on Jubaland military bases.

Jubaland military forces have not released any official statement nor updates about the fighting.

Al-Shabab reached out through there sources to claim the attacks they carried out on the bases as well as carried out roadside side attacks.

The fighting took place in the Barka regions, and no casualties have been reported so far.

Most of the Al-Shabab fighters and the Forces of the Jubaland Officers are fighting in the areas of the administration, an there have been attacks in the region between the two sides in the past.

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