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Al-Shabab fighters seize Bal’ad district

Bal’ad (SD) – Al-Shabaab fighters reportedly launched a major offensive in Bal ‘ad district in Middle Shabelle region, sparking heavy fighting between Al Shabaab and government forces.

According to eyewitnesses, Al Shabaab entered Bal’ad district from several directions this morning after morning prayers, and Al Shabaab launched a direct attack on the administration and military bases in Bal’ad.

The government forces have reportedly withdrawn from most of Bal’ad district, paving the way for an Al Shabaab take over.

Al-Shabaab fighters said in a statement that they had captured the town, killing one soldier and wounding three others.

The latest reports indicate that Al-Shabaab has withdrawn from Bal’ad district, allowing the district forces to return.

Authorities in Bal’ad have not yet commented on al-Shabaab’s takeover of the district and any casualties or damages caused by the fighters.

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