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Al Shabab kills a Chinese citizen in Kenya

NAIROBI (SD) – Members of Al-Shabaab have carried out fatal attacks in Majengo, Lamu County in Kenya.

The killed victims were working on a road construction project in the area.

“Several Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) vehicles full of soldiers have passed here headed towards Majengo area where we are told the attack happened,” said Salim Abdi, a resident of Boni forest told local media.

According to media press statements, Al-Shabaab radicals have killed six Kenyan and one Chinese national construction workers in Majengo, Lamu County.

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in an issued statement, “Our soldiers have carried out an attack in Lamu County, particularly in the Majengo area. They have killed six Kenyan nationals and one Chinese national.”

Al-Shabaab militants caused havoc across the village and have attacked the construction site.

Some local reports indicate that the troops safeguarding the village were away on an operation when the attack took place in Lamu County.

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