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Al Shabab militants kill six Kenyans in Somalia

DHOBLEY (SD)-Reports coming from the town of Dhobley located near the Somalia-Kenya border indicate that three Kenyan citizens were killed there. They were reportedly engaged in business activities in the town of Dhobley.

Suspected members of the Al-Shabaab group allegedly ambushed the Kenyan citizens, who were all reported to be men, at the same location where they were killed.

The Deputy County Commissioner of Liboi in northeastern Kenya, Ali Manduku, confirmed to the media that the bodies of the Kenyan nationals killed in Dobley had been brought to Liboi.

Ali Manduku stated that the six individuals killed in Dobley hailed from Kenya’s Meru County and were engaged in business activities. He also mentioned that the reasons behind the killing of the Kenyan nationals are still unknown, and the identities of the individuals who carried out business in Liboi before heading to Dobley were also known.

The Kenyan government has previously tightened security along its border with Somalia, as Al-Shabaab militants target non-Muslim Kenyan citizens operating in the region.

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