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Al Shabab takes control of Imamad in Mudug region

Galkayo (SD) – Al-Shabab fighters last night took control of the village of Imamad, about 15km from Wisil in southern Mudug region.

Witnesses were quoted as saying that Al-Shabab took over the village Imamad, after a brief confrontation between them and the people of the area.

No casualties have been reported so far in last night’s clashes between Al-Shabaab and residents of Imamad village, where the group took control.

Residents of Imamad village have reportedly previously refused to comply with an order from al-Shabaab to pay zakat on livestock.

Al-Shabaab militants have been noticeably increasing attacks in Galmudug regional state since the new administration took power from Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama.

The Galmudug state government has not yet released any information about Al Shabab taking control of Imaamad.

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