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Ali Gudlawe visits Beledweyne as the opposition fires mortars at the airport

BELEDWEYNE (SD) -The president of Hirshabelle region, Ali Gudlawe, and a large delegation today visited Beledweyne, the capital of Hiran region, where they were welcomed by regional officials and civilians.

President Gudlawe and his accompanying delegation were welcomed at Ugas Khalif Airport in Beledweyne by Hirshabelle Vice President Yusuf Daba-geed, Governor of Hiran region, other officials, and a large crowd at the airport.

During his stay in Beledweyne, President Hirshabelle will hold various meetings with the regional administration, the city administration, traditional elders, and sectors of the community who support the President.

This is the first visit of President Ali Gudlawe to Beledweyne since he was elected President of Hirshabelle, as he repeatedly cancelled planned trips to the capital of Hiiraan region.

General security in Beledweyne has been tightened, and several roads in Beledweyne have been closed by the Haramcad and Gorgor troops and Hirshabelle police forces, and reports indicate that there is rising tensions there.

On the other hand, several mortars were fired in and around Ugas Khalif Airport in Beledweyne, before Hirshabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Hussein Gudlawe landed.

It is not known who fired the mortars at Ugas Khalif Airport, but the investigation is ongoing, with armed militias stationed near the airport against Ali Gudlawe’s arrival in the city.

Earlier this morning, Hirshabelle police and Haramcad troops who were recently deployed and stormed the main roads in Beledweyne last night, blocking all traffic, home visits, schools, and health facilities.

Lastly, President Gudlawe, who was unable to successfully enter Beledweyne by force, was able to land safely in Beledweyne today.

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