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All of a sudden Canada doesn’t want us, say Somalis facing deportation

TORONTO (SD) -The Canadian government is planning the deportation of many Somalis that have lived in the country for several years, due to them having a false documents.

The Somalis that are facing deportation from Canada have been accused of concealing other legal documents, and claiming to have arrived in Canada from Somalia without any legal status from other countries.

Some of the individuals that are facing deportation from Canada are now awaiting the final decision from the government, and are worried that they will be deported from the country where they have lived for years.

“Nobody just wakes up one day and they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m running away from the country,'” Keif Ali, a Toronto resident, and frontline health worker told CBC News . “We’re escaping in a short period of time. Something happens and, within a month or two months, you’re in hiding. We had to escape.”

Qalid Ali had also had his refugee claim vacated in 2019. He arrived in Canada six years ago, and attended high school and college here. ‘Canada is my home,’ he says. ‘And all of a sudden we’re being told that Canada doesn’t want us anymore” he told the CBC.

The Somali community in Canada opposes the deportation, leading Canadian Government to postpone its deportation plan.

Marian Mohamud is a Somali mother with the community organization Mending a Crack in the Sky, supporting families who have lost loved ones to gun violence. She says she considers young Somalis like Ali her ‘children’ and is calling on the federal government to grant them protection, the CBC reported.

In recent years the Canadian government has deported many Somalis, some of whom have committed crimes in the country and others were found to be from countries other than Somalia.

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