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Al Shabab launches deadly attack on Darwish Base

BOSSASO (SD) – -Al-Shabab militants have launched an early morning attack on a Puntland Darawish base in Af-urur in the Bari region.

According to reports, Al-Shabab initiated the attack by firing a number of mortar shells at the base, followed by heavy fighting with heavy and light weapons, resulting in many casualties on both sides.

Local residents from the area said that they had seen smoke and flames inside the camp, with Al-Shabab militants claiming to have taken control of the camp and setting it on fire.

The Puntland Darawish military officials have stated that they have killed 12 Al-Shabab members during the battle, including senior officers of AL-Shabab.

There has not been any additional information regarding the attack on Af-urur base from the Puntland Darawish command so far, Al-Shabab has previously carried out attacks on the Af-urur base several times causing various casualties.

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