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AMISOM Operations Scheduled to Conclude in March

MOGADISHU (SD) -The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), after 15 years of unremitting operations in Somalia, is scheduled to conclude their functions by March 2022.

Earlier in this month, AMISIOM confirmed the decision on Twitter, “The AU Mission in Somalia, authorized by the AU Peace & Security Council & mandated by the UN Security Council in 2007, will end on 31 March 2022. For the next 30 days, join us as we reflect on AMISOM’s unrelenting efforts to create a stable & secured Somalia.”

After the completion of the AMISOM mandate in March, the Federal Government of Somalia and the African Union approved to initiate operation by ATMIS, which will be coordinated by the United Nations.

The Somalia government security forces are prearranged to undertake the obligations and safekeeping of the country in 2023.

In the fifteen years of the 20,000 AMISOM forces operating in the country, were ineffectual in destabilizing Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia. The international communities compensating for the million dollars for AMISOM troops salaries and services, have doubted the sustainability of this operation.

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