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Somaliland: Sexual Assault Cases on the rise

HARGEISA (SD) -The sexual assault cases are speedily rising in Somaliland, with 17 rape cases reported in the last two months, and the Somaliland government is blamed for overlooking the present circumstances.

The Somaliland Minister of Interior Affairs, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, confirmed that the reported sexual assault cases in the country have recently been increasing in number.

“In the past two months we have already received 17 rape cases, and we are only in the beginning of the year. If the cases continue escalating to this level, we might have around 100 cases by the end of this year.,” reported Minister Kahin.

The Minister added, “There are transparent laws set for these types of violations and abuses, and it has been signed by the president. I urge the members of the parliament who currently still haven’t signed the law, to make this a priority for the sake of the girls in the country.”

The President of Somaliland and Minister Kahin gave remarks at the opening ceremony for an office in Hargeisa that will be monitoring sexual assault cases, and providing guidance to the victims.

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