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AMISOM to repatriate convicted soldiers to Uganda

MOGADISHU (SD) – Five convicted peace-keeping soldiers will be repatriated from Somalia to Uganda to serve their sentences, African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) said.

The soldiers had killed the civilians on 10th August 2021.

Amisom said a martial court in Somali capital sentenced two soldiers to death and three others to 39 years in jail for the murder of Somali civilians in Goloweyn village of Lower Shabelle region. which the implicated soldiers belong, established a Court Martial in Mogadishu, Somalia, to try the accused soldiers.

“As soldiers, we have a responsibility to protect lives and property. Our mission in Somalia is to degrade Al-Shabaab and other armed groups. In doing so, we absolutely have every responsibility to protect the civilian population, and this is very clear in our Rules of Engagement,” said the Ugandan People Defence Force Contingent and AMISOM Sector 1 Commander, Brig. Gen. Don Nabasa.

Families of victims who died at the hands of troops of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) have welcomed the sentences of five Ugandan soldiers who were convicted of taking part in the murder of Somali civilians.

Mohamed Ali Farah, a brother of a victim killed by Amisom soldiers, saying the ruling is paving the way for the prosecution of dozens of Amisom soldiers involved in the murder of unarmed Somali people.

“We are happy to see that justice has been serviced in the first cases levelled against African Union troops operating in Somalia. We need all other Amisom officers suspected of being involved in crimes against humanity to be brought before the justice,” said Farah who spoke to the media.

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