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Galmudug seizes a Chinese ship off the coast of Hobyo

Hobyo (SD) – Galmudug state naval forces have seized a vessel that was fishing illegally off the coast of Hobyo district in Mudug region of Galmudug state yesterday afternoon.

Galmudug maritime officials say the ship they were seized was flying Chinese flag, with several fishermen on board.
Hobyo Coast Guard Commander Abdirahman Ali Dhiblawe told reporters that they are now holding the ship and all its crew.

Navy officials said the seized ship had been under investigation for some time, noting that its crew had not only been fishing but were also taking other marine resources.

Galmudug state navy brought the ship and its crew to the port of Hobyo in Mudug region, in order to process them.

The move by the Somali regional government of Galmudug comes at a time when Somali fishermen have been complaining in recent days about large vessels fishing illegally off the coast of Somalia.

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