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Amnesty calls on Somalia to hold Janan Accountable

Mogadishu (SD) – Amnesty International has called on the Somali government to hold Abdirashid Janan, accountable for alleged war crimes and bring him to justice.

The former Jubaland Minster of Security, was warmly welcomed in Beled Hawo today by Somali Federal Ministers, following a truce.

Earlier, both Somali Federal Government and Amnesty International accused Abdirashid Janan of committing war crimes in Gedo, following reports that his forces had killed scores of people in the region.

Abdirashid Janan spoke about his reasons for reaching an agreement with the government.

“I want to assure you that you will not hear or see the conflict in the Gedo region between the federal government and the Jubbaland administration. We have closed the file and it is over. We intend to support the Somali people, especially the people of the region, ”said Abdirashid Janan.

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