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An Al-Shabaab officer and 13 of his bodyguards killed in Lower Shabelle

Mogadishu October 08, 2022 (SD) – Somalia’s military command announced that they killed a senior leader of Al-Shabaab and his personal guards in a planned operation.

A brief statement from the Military Command said that they killed Mohamed Nur Shire and 13 fighters who were his bodyguards.

“The Somali National Army killed Mohamed Nur Shire, the terrorists leader in the Lower Shabelle region, and 13 other conspirators in Janale area. The action of the Somali Armed Forces have prevented a plot by the terrorists against the people of Janale area,” the command published on their Twitter page.

The statement added that the operation took place in Jannale region of Lower Shabelle region.

Al-Shabaab has not yet commented on the claim that one of its leader Mohamed Nur Shire was killed in Jannale area.

This latest killing follows the military command’s recent announcement of the death of the militant group’s spokesperson Ali Dheere.

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