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Anti-Macron demonstrations held in Burao

Burao (SD) – Demonstration against the anti-Islam comments of the French president Emmanuel Macron, took place today in Burao, the capital of Togdher region.

Hundreds of Burao residents took to the main streets of the town, carrying anti-French signs and shouting anti-Macron slogans.

The protesters and the city’s business community, said they had joined the campaign to boycott French products and would stop importing them.

The crowd also burned pictures of French President Emmanuel Macron, who in recent days has been airing blasphemous remarks against Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad.

Macron described Islam as a “religion in crisis” and announced plans to crack down on “Islamists seeking secession”, which has angered Muslims around the world.

In the Islamic world, there are growing calls for a boycott of French goods, following President Macron’s offensive and Islamophobic remarks.

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