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ATMIS to transfer two of its bases to SNA

Mogadishu June 14, 2023 (SD) -A fact-finding committee from the African Union has concluded a trip to Somalia to assess the security situation ahead of the ATMIS troop reduction plan.

The Special Representative of the African Union to Somalia, who is also the Head of ATMIS, announced that several of their Bases will be handed over to Somalia’s National Army starting from June 15, 2023.

The Head of ATMIS stated that approximately 2,000 troops will be withdrawn gradually between now and September 2023. This contradicts a recent announcement by the Somali Ministry of Defense confirming the planned reduction of ATMIS forces by June 30th.

The Ministry of Defense stated that 2,000 AMISOM troops will be leaving Somalia by the end of June 2023. The ministry reiterated that this reduction follows several months of building the capacity of Somali forces with the support of international partners.

While the Somali government acknowledges the challenges posed by the withdrawal of ATMIS, some leaders from troop-contributing countries have expressed their concerns, indicating that ATMIS withdrawals should be carefully managed, ensuring that the security responsibilities are effectively transferred to the Somali forces.

The IGAD Heads of State Summit concluded in Djibouti today discussed the security situation in Somalia, including the withdrawal of ATMIS forces, and expressed their commitment to the peace and stability of Somalia.

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