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AU: Ambassador Madeira not returning to Somalia

NAIROBI (SD) – The East African newspaper from Kenya reports that the African Union will appoint a new envoy to Somalia in the coming days following the recent expulsion of Francisco Madeira by the Somali government.

The newspaper quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the AU was persuading Ambassador Francisco Madeira to resign as to lessen the diplomatic embarrassment.

“Madeira has said several times that Amisom will remain neutral during political disputes between Somali politicians, but this has not been matched by his actions,” says a leaked report filed last week by the Amisom Mission cell analysis chief, Walters Samah.

The newspaper confirmed, as per the AU envoy will not return to Somalia after being declared persona non grata by PM Roble.

Ambassador Madeira, who was out of Somalia at the time of the expulsion order, the Somali president and the head of the African Union attempted to intervene but never returned to Somalia.

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