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AU Security Council okays joint AU-UN force to replace its troops in Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) – African Union Security Council has thrown their weight behind the proposal to deploy a joint AU-UN force to replace AMISOM by the end of this year.

Troops contributed African countries have been supporting Somalia’s government in the stabilization of the horn of African nation. AU deployed its troops in the horn of African nation. under the emblem of African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).

Amisom helped Somali military liberate dozens of towns including Mogadishu

In a statement, the Council said following a meeting last week that it was adopting the AU-UN Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in Somalia, deployed under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, ‘which would ensure predictable and sustainable multi-year financing for the future mission, through UN assessed contributions.’

The council underscored in particular the need for such a mission to adopt a holistic and comprehensive multidimensional approach, beyond security and stabilization.

“While stressing that this approach should have balanced military and police components capable of addressing the threat identified in the country, as well as a strengthened civilian component to provide a robust political engagement that can assist the political process,” the council said.

The statement further highlighted Somali authorities in finalizing key governance arrangements and institutions, while noting the expected contribution of the AU PCRD Centre in Cairo.

AU, the UN and the FGS urged to prepare a joint Concept of Operations based on the joint report mentioned in paragraph 13 above and to establish a mechanism which would allow for the T/PCCs to engage in these discussions.

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