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Candidates Union worried about election delays

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Union of Candidates has expressed concern over the delay in the elections, which has left the country in a state of constitutional vacuum and uncertainty, due to this third delay in the agreed upon election timetable.

In a released statement, the candidates said they are concerned that the public still doesn’t known the exact timeline of the Somali’s Lower House Elections.

The statement also said that the national consultation council, made up of the PM and the regional leaders in the country, will have to take the responsibility of the delay in the election schedule.

“The council is underlines that the National Consultative Council shall take responsibility for the delay in the country’s elections.” The statement said.

The statement from the candidates noted that the election delay will cause a constitutional uncertainty that could influence the country negatively.

The election schedule previously issued by the National Consultation Council set the presidential election on October 10th.

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