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AU to sent yet another military Mission to Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) -The National Security Advisor to the President of Somalia, Hussein Moalin, has announced that Somalia will undergo its third AU military operation.

Hussein Moalin stated that after the ATMIS mission, the country will have another short-term operation involving a new contingent that Somali forces will eventually replace.

“ATMIS will be replaced by a smaller African force. The Somali government will decide the countries contributing to this force, which is planned to number around 12,000 troops,” said National Security Advisor Hussein Moalin.

He also mentioned that 10,000 of these troops would perform the duties currently handled by ATMIS forces who will be leaving the country by the end of this year, while the remaining 2,000 will handle smaller tasks.

Since the Somali government announced the complete withdrawal of ATMIS forces by the end of this year, concerns have been growing among African countries about the decision. They have indicated that if the ATMIS mission withdraws from Somalia, Al-Shabaab could take control of the country.

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