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SNA Conducted operations in outskirts of Hudur

HUDUR (SD)-The Somali National Army forces have conducted extensive operations today in the outskirts of Hudur district in Bakol region, where they have been engaging in fierce battles against Al-Shabab militants.

The operation, led by the Commander of the 9th Brigade of the Somali National Army, Brigadier General Yunis Adan Hassan, has confirmed airstrikes targeting areas where militants were stationed.

Brigadier General Yunis Adan Hassan stated that the airstrikes destroyed positions held by Al-Shabab, resulting in casualties and injuries among the militants.

The exact number of Al-Shabaab militants killed in the operation was not disclosed; however, the operation involved ground forces supported by both the Somali National Army and international partners.

In the past few days, Somali National Army forces, in collaboration with local militia known as “Ma’awisley,” have carried out various operations targeting militants in different areas and districts.

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