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Auditor General says 21 million missing from Coffers

MOGADISHU (SD) -Today, Somalia’s Auditor General, Mr. Ahmed Essa Gutale, held a press conference with journalists where he disclosed new information regarding audits conducted at two offices within Somali government agencies.

The Auditor General stated that a significant audit was conducted at the offices responsible for managing payroll within the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and the immigration and citizenship, revealing embezzlement and financial mismanagement.

Ahmed Isse Gutale said that more than 20 million dollars are missing from these offices, which have not been deposited into the central treasury of the Somali government.

In his address, the National Auditor highlighted that the misappropriation of these funds has severely impacted the central government, suggesting that it has accumulated debts, affecting its ability to provide salaries to government employees, military personnel, and parliamentarians.

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