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Australia: Liberal’s racist motives in dropping Zahra Mustaf’s Candidacy revealed

Melbourne (SD) – Zahra Mustaf, a candidate for Australia’s ruling party, running in the heavily diverse neighborhood in Melbourne recently lost her candidacy on allegations based in anti Islam and xenophobia rumors, according to sources who are familiar with the matter.

The candidate, a well known Somali Australian has only been member of the ruling Liberal party for about five months, gathering a significant following in her constituency and in the party, causing hardliners in the party to panic.

Zahra believed she could bring Australians together and expedite reforms needed in the ruling Liberal party. Surprisingly she still thinks this could happen and the Party is redeemable.

“when party organizers and leaders realized she wouldn’t be a token MP and saw that she had ambitions in modernizing the party into being more inclusive, Party staffers panicked and started fabricating anti Somali stereotypes” said one insider who spoke to us on a condition of anonymity.

Before joining the Liberal Party, Zahra was known for her community support and hard work in the Jaga jaga neighborhood in Melbourne.

Party workers launched political attacks by leaking false and racist news stories, right after Zahra refused to sign a dubious documents without her Lawyer reviewing them first, said another source.

Zahra Mustaf gained further notoriety since the move to sewer her reputation by the Liberals surfaced, with supporters anxiously waiting to see what her next political move is.

The source added “It is common for politicians in Australia to receive money from European country’s, but to disqualify Zahra Mustafe for Eid gifts her Child got from her family in Somalia is a new low for the Liberals”.

Australia’s fiscally liberal and socially conservative Immigrant communities were excited to see the Liberals having a person of colour running for parliament, only for them to revert back to their usual predictable loosing political ideology.

Australia’s ruling Liberal government has previously been accused of violence against female party members and for harbouring extremist ideology, making the move to target a rising female, black Muslim is just a bar for the course.

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