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Somalia: FEIT warns against acclamation of Parliamentarians

Mogadishu (SD) – The Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) in a statement released today addressed the conduct of yesterday’s Upper House elections in the Galmudug, the capital of Dhusamareb, where 6 senators were elected.

The chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission, Mohamed Hassan Irro, insisted on the need for candidates to contest and be vote on without compromises, but welcomed the reserved quota for two women in yesterday’s election.

Chairman Cirro stressed the need to expedite the elections of the two Houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia in order to comply with the various agreements relating to timely elections.

So far, most of the candidates up for the upper house seats in the state governments got in through acclamation due to an orchestrated compromises, making mockery of the system.

Political analysts described the compromises plaguing the upper house elections are rooted in the state presidents requirement to control the outcome of the country’s elections.

In 2016, the upper house election were contested by candidates, leading to a well known politicians close to the state presidents losing their bids.

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