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Australia: A Somali Australian Woman Loses Candidacy for dubious allegations

Melbourne (SD) – Sahra Ahmed Mustafe, a member of Australia’s ruling party, has been disqualified in running for a seat in a Somali-dominated in Melbourne’s north-east.

Sahra Ahmed have since confirmed she is not a candidate but denied losing her Liberal membership by receiving funds from her uncle who is accused of being a Minister in the Federal Government of Somalia.

She called the disqualification Wrong and said the money she received from her uncle was a Eid gift to her children.

“What happened was wrong. They informed me i will not be competing. What they told me that my uncle, who went to Somalia six months ago, sent my my child a Eid gift, because I am a single mother who is raising a child on her own.” Sahra told the VOA.

Sahra added that she was the one who reported the funds as to not break any law.

She also reiterated that she did not receive money from the federal government of Somalia, but received gifts from her uncle, and that it was not against the law.

However, Sahra Ahmed Mustafe insisted in being a member of Australia’s ruling party despite the false allegations that a foreign government was funding her campaign.

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