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Awdal’s Wadani Chairman Arrested in a Raid late last night

Borama (SD) – Somaliland security forces arrested Wadani Awdal party chairman Mohamed Aden Sultan late last night in Borama.

The Awdal Wadani opposition leader’s house was raided by police as his family was having their Suhur meal just before Fajar prayers, terrorizing the family and their neighbors.

The police and the regional government didn’t give details of his arrest, the Wadani Awdal leader is known for his sharp criticism of  Somaliland government.

The Wadani opposition leader Abdirahman Irro didn’t comment on Mohamed Aden’s arrest in Borama, that job fell to the party’s interior secretary Mohamed Farah, who blamed the arrest on Hargeisa mayor Solteco, calling it a tribally motivated vendetta.

This is not the first time a high ranking Wadani official is arrested by the Somaliland Government, in November the government arrested Wadani’s General Secretary Khadar Abdi and Party Speaker Jama Batun, the two were incarcerated in Mandhera for about three weeks without a charge.

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