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Baidoa Holds Elections for the Last Seats

MOGADISHU-The Southwest State Electoral Commission held today the elections for five of the Southwest Lower House Seats.

Dr Abdirashid Mohamed Nur (Jilay) won the Hop-175 seat as a parliament member with 70 votes, while his rival Adan Mohamed Ibrahim received 22 votes.

Mohamed Bare Mohamud secured the Hop-159 seat as a member of the BFS with 72 votes, while his competitor Abdullahi Mohamed Isaq received 23 votes.

Abdirahman Isaq Mohamed won the Hop-185 seat with 71 votes while his opponent Mohamed Nur Mohamed received 24 votes

Mohamed Abdi Mohamed won the Hop-188 seat with 73 votes while his rival Abdisamad Adan Isaq received 27 votes.

Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali (Baraka) won the Hop-177 seat with 75 votes, and his opponent Mohamud Abukar Kheyr received 16 votes.

The elections that took place today in the Southwest were not intense contests between the candidates. Three of the election winners today represented youth in the country.

Southwest has not yet commented on allegations or raised complaints about the elections. Other administrations from regions where elections are taking place in Mogadishu, are complaining about candidates claiming that seats are being reserved for private individuals.

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