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Al-Shabaab Scorches Villages in Middle Shabelle Region

MOGADISHU-(SD) – Reports from Marere and Mukay Dheere villages in Bal’ad district of Middle Shabelle region say that the two villages were burnt down by Al-Shabaab.

Balad district commissioner Qasim Ali Nur said, many families from the two villages had arrived in Bal’ad fleeing from the fights in their villages.

Marere village, about 5 km northeast of Bal’ad district, was reportedly set on fire by Al-Shabaab fighters yesterday afternoon, while Mukay Dheere village was set on fire last Friday, according to the Balad district commissioner.

“The families who fled from the two villages which were burnt down by Al-Shabaab, are now residing in Bal’ad district and are living in dire conditions. The reason behind Al-Shabaab targeting these villages was because they have celebrated and welcomed the federal army of Somalia, who have visited these villages for a short period of time operations” said Qasim Ali.

The district commissioner of Bal’ad added that Al-Shabaab is now taking advantage of the government’s preoccupation with the elections process, which is leading to an increase in attacks by Al-Shabaab on districts including Bal’ad.

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