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Banadiri Election Schedule Announced

MOGADISHU-The Banadiri Parliamentary Election Management Committee has announced the election schedule for the 11th Federal Parliament of Somalia.

A released press statement from the Banadiri Electoral Commission confirmed that the process of recruiting delegates and registering candidates for the five Banadiri seats began on February 24, 2022.

The committee also revealed that the election of the five Banadiri Parliament will take place on February 25th, and that the election will be held in the capital Mogadishu.

These seats were previously postponed a few days ago by the Prime Minister. The Electoral Commission has indicated that the Commission appointed by the Prime Minister to resolve the dispute over the Banadiri seats has settled the controversy over some of the disputed seats.

These elections were scheduled to take place on February 21st, but the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, delayed the Banadir elections, following complaints from some traditional elders about the Banadir seats.

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