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The NCC sets new parliamentary election deadline

MOGADISHU (SD) – The National Consultative Council held an online meeting yesterday to discuss the completion of the remaining seats in the House of the People of the Somali’s 11th Parliament.

The NCC meeting was chaired by PM Mohamed Hussein Roble, and attended by the Presidents of Puntland, Galmudug, Jubaland, South West, Hirshabelle and Benadir Governor.

At the meeting, the Council discussed issues such as the latest election situation, the timely conclusion of the Parliamentary elections, resolving the issue of the second Jubaland constituency in Garbaharey and the drought situation in the country.

The NCC commended the progress made in the election process, with all 54 members of the Upper House and 175 members of the Lower House elected so far, representing 71% of the total number of members in both houses.

The National Consultative Council, after lengthy discussions, expressed their disappointment that the election of the members of the Lower House did not conclude on time.

The National Consultative Assembly agreed that the election of all the remaining seats in the House of the People be completed by 15 March 2022, that the PM appoints a committee on the Garbaharey election dispute, emphasized the importance of maintaining a 30% quota for women.

The Council expressed concern over the worsening drought situation in the country and called on the Somali people and the international community to increase assistance to the Somali people affected by the drought.

The consultative Council meeting comes at a time when parliamentary elections were due to be completed today.

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