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Berbera wins UNICEF’s won the Child Friendly Cities and Local Governments Inspire Award

Berbera (SD) – Berbera Municipality in Somaliland, won the Child Friendly Cities and Local Governments Inspire Award, given by UNICEF to the cities that are suitable for children.

Berbera competed with other African and Asian cities, according to the UN’s UNICEF.

UNICEF said Berbera won the award due to strong support from the Berbera municipality for children’s education, leading to a 38% increase in school enrollment between 2014 and 2020.

UNICEF says Berbera Municipality supports up to 10,000 students, 46% of whom are girls, attending 47 schools.

The Berbera municipality has provided funding for the expansion of schools, renovation, teachers’ salaries, equipping schools, paying for electricity and running water.

According to UNICEF, in addition, the Berbera municipality has increased its budget by using the proceeds from the city to provide basic services, including education and health spending.

UNICEF said Berbera’s budget for health and education has reached $ 1,339,872, up from $ 40,000 in 2014.

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