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Southwest State to elect 11 lower house members

MOGADISHU (SD) – More than 1,000 voters will soon elect eleven members who will representative the lower house of Somalia’s parliament.

The State Indirect Elections Team (SIET) has announced the first 11 seats to be contested in the upcoming Lower House elections becoming the third after Somaliland and Galmudug to start off the process.

The following seats are set to be contested:

1-Hop 182

2 – Hop 042

3 – Hop 041

4 – Hop 103

5 – Hop 170

6 – Hop 171

7 – Hop 213

8 – Hop 180

9 – Hop 154

10 – Hop 189

11 – Hop 193

The electoral delegates are expected to be selected the clan elders and civil society representatives.

The development comes barely two days after three donor countries demanded that Somalia meets two conditions before it releases additional funding for the upcoming Lower House elections.

The UK, US and Norway said in a joint letter addressed to the Federal Government and electoral bodies it will only release the $3.7 million once the conditions are met.

First, elections ‘must be seen to be progressing meaningful and credible way” in at least three states.

The second tranche will be disbursed once at least two-thirds of seats have been filled in all polling stations.

All funds collected from candidates must also be deposited in the Treasury Single Account (TSA) at the Central Bank and mechanisms be put in place to track its use.

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