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Biden reverses disastrous Trump policies

Washington (SD) – Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States within minutes after his swearing-in, has signed a presidential decree suspending previous decrees passed by his predecessor Trump.

The new president’s decrees include lifting travel bans imposed by former President Trump on seven Muslim countries, including Somalia.

Biden also lifted the emergency at the Mexican border and stopped the wall Trump was building on the US border with Mexico.

Those policies have affected many refugees and countries where the sanctions have been imposed over the past four years.

He also committed the United States back into the Paris climate deal, reversing Trump’s rules on easing air pollution.

Joe Biden’s decrees after his swearing-in also included, mandating everyone entering US federal government buildings to wear a face mask as part of the fight against coronavirus and other factors.

Though the political change in the United States is highly divisive, but is welcomed around the world.

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