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Bihi government bans Somali Civil institutions in attending Somaliland conferences

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland government reportedly banned people from Somalia in attending seminars, meetings and conferences held in the country, according to Geeska Africa newspaper.

The Muse Bihi government has also banned Somaliland civil society organizations from attending seminars, conferences and meetings in Somalia, while it is also forbid them to bring people from Somalia to Somaliland to attend seminars or meetings in the country.

The ban was issued in a statement released by the Government of Somaliland in August 2020 and was distributed to various institutions in Somaliland.

Somaliland Government ban reads as follows: ” All meetings, seminars, conferences and events of different nationalities shall be accompanied by a Certificate from the Ministries of Planning and Foreign Affairs, prior to the conference. All meetings, seminars, conferences and meetings bringing Somali citizens to Somaliland are not allowed. All civil society organizations in Somaliland are not allowed to attend meetings in Somalia.”

These decisions have not been made public as they appear to be in conflict with the integration agreements that the Kulmiye government has already signed with the Somali government.

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