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Dr. Saad emphasizes the importance of the road connecting Ina-Guha, Daror and aware

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, called on the people of Somaliland and Ethiopia to work together to implement and complete the road linking Ina-Guha, Daror and Aware road.

At a ground-breaking ceremony for Ina Guha, Daror and Aware roads, Dr. Sa’ad said that the construction of the road will facilitate commerce.
“The road will facilitate movement, trade, investment, it will also help in delivering social services.

Elaborating on the importance of road construction, the Minister of Finance commended all the participants and thanked all who participated, and urged officials and dignitaries from both Somaliland and Ethiopia to take part in its completion.

“I hope our next meeting will be the opening of the road. I hope to be present when a boy from Aware will go for swim to Berbera, returning to Aware for dinner the same night. ” Says Dr Saad.

The Minister of Finance concluded by wishing all participants, and the people of the two countries a prosperous life and mutual understanding.

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