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Bosaso on brink of war as rival forces amassed

GAROWE (SD) – Puntland state government has deployed hundreds of multiple agency forces in Bosaso town hours after the state’s leader rejected a request by traditional elders in the region.

According to reliable sources, the forces were stationed near the military base of Puntland Security Forces (PSF) led by renegade commander, Mohamud Osman Diyano.

The military manoeuvres reported in the neighborhoods of Bossaso since last night had caused widespread fear with dozens of residents reportedly fleeing their homes.

The PSF is still in control of its installations in a number of areas in the city.

The deployment comes hours after Deni rejected a proposal by elders in Bari region to allow Diano to retain assets he used during his tenure in the force.

Deni described the decision of the elders as detrimental to the governance of Puntland, and that it encouraged corruption and looting of public property.
Deni immediately ordered the former Diano to immediately hand over his responsibilities and all assets under his control.
Diano was sacked by Deni last month, a move Puntland leader claimed to be meant for improving the leadership of the elite forces trained by the US.
The sacked PSF boss took over the office of his brother Asad Abdullahi Osman [Diano], who left the post to run for Puntland president in January 2019.

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