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Somalia: Conflict between Northern Electoral Commission intensifies

Mogadishu (SD) – Conflicts over the management of Somalia’s Federal Parliamentary Elections between members of the Northern Electoral Commission are intensifying.

The controversy resurfaced after Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi demanded the postponement of the 16 seats previously announced by the committee, some members of the committee supported Abdi Hashi’s while others opposed it.

he Deputy Chairman of the Northern Electoral Commission, Abdishakur Abib Hayir, issued a statement condemning the fraudulent statement made on behave of the members of the SEIT Commission.

The statement said that the commission should be independent of the ongoing political turmoil and not to get involved in political activities, so that the election can proceed in accordance with the agreed upon procedures.

Members of the Northern Regions Electoral Commission consist of two factions, Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled and Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi, and are vying for control of the delegates electing MP’s.

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