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Bosaso Residents protest against new Districts

Bosaso (SD) – Hundreds of people consisting of youth, women and other members of the public gathered in Bossaso, the capital of Bari region, to a protest against a recent municipality changes in Bossaso.

Protesters were heard shouting words expressing their emotions were also burning tires on the main streets of Bosaso town.

Dibad-bax ballaaran oo ka socda Boosaaso + Sawirro

Also, the demonstration, which were scheduled to take place on Friday, has affected the movement of people and vehicles in that city.

Reports indicate that Puntland security forces who are brought into the city to prevent the demonstration failed to do so.

Puntland has already said it will not accept protests in Bossaso, with the governor of Bari region saying the organizers are similar to al-Shabaab.

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