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Bossaso Federal 16 seat Parliamentary Election Results

BOSSASO (SD) – Today in Bossaso, the capital of Bari region, the election for sixteen seats in the 11th Federal Parliament took place.

The election was held inside a tent in Bossaso Airport and with attendance of representatives from the Puntland Dispute Resolution Committee and the Puntland State Electoral Commission.

The list of the sixteen candidates who secured seats in the 11th Somalia Federal Parliament are below:

  1. Seat HOP#157 was won by Mohamud Ahmed Aden Gesood.
  2. Seat HOP#227 was secured by Abdiaziz Mohamed Mohamud Qambi.
  3. Seat HOP#273 was earned by the former police Chief General Bashir Abdi Mohamed Mohamud, after his opponent Sahro Mohamed Mohamud Ali had forfeited from the race.
  4. Seat HOP#234 was gained by a show of hands of the delegates voting, and Marwo Abdi Bashir Ali won the seat while her contender, Amina Abdiwali Mohamed, has relinquished from the race.
  5. Seat HOP#076 was secured by a show of hands for Muse Ahmed Ismail.
  6. Seat HOP#169 was contested by Ali Mahdi Mohamed and Hafsa Ali Ahmed. Ali Mohamed was elected for the seat when his opponent had forfeited.
  7. Seat HOP#083 was won by Mohamed Bashir Ali.
  8. Seat HOP#220 was contested by Ali Haji Dahir Saleban and Ahmed Burhan Omar, and Ali Haji won by a show of hands.
  9. Seat HOP#149 was contested by Faisal Ahmed Mohamed and Faisa Abdihakim Mohamed, and Faisal won by a show of hands when Faisa withdrew from the race.
  10. Seat HOP#158 was gained by Saddam Mohamed Abdi also by a show of hands of the delegates voting.
  11. Seat HOP#027 was contested by Saeed Ali Muse and Abdikadir Jama Abdi, and all the delegates voted for Saeed Ali after Abdikadir Jama withdrew from the race.
  12. Seat HOP#036 was secured by the candidate Mohamed Aden Diini.
  13. Seat HOP#222 was earned by Aynanshe Yusuf Hussein after his opponent, Roda Yasin Yusuf had forfeited.
  14. Seat HOP#228 was contested by Abdullahi Farah Mire and Hamdi Abdullahi Mohamed, and it was secured by Abdullahi Mire after Hamdi withdrew from the race.
  15. Seat HOP#142 was contested by Ismail Shire Jama and Said Mohamud Mohamed, and the seat was won by Ismail Shire Jama.
  16. The last seat in the election today was HOP#190, and it was contested by Mohamed Abdikadir Mohamed and Fathi Ali Salah. The seat was secured by Mohamed Abdikadir when his opponent withdrew from the race.

Current parliamentary elections taking place in Somalia are expected to be finalized on March 15, 2022.

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