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Breaking News: Heavy fighting broke out in the city of Laascaanood this morning

Lasanod (SD) – According to reports reaching us from the city of Laascaanood, a battle broke out this morning inside the city, particularly in the eastern part, between the Somaliland forces and the local militia.

The official casualties from the battle have not been confirmed yet.

Eyewitnesses say that sounds of gunfire and heavy explosions can be heard.

The outbreak of the battle in the city comes as the decisions from the meeting of local traditional leaders are expected to be announced today, which has been ongoing for several days in Laascaanood.

Somaliland has issued a statement saying that its officials’ headquarters in Laascaanood was targeted today and two soldiers were injured.

The situation in Laascaanood is tense today and a state of panic can be felt in the city.

The death toll and casualties on both sides are still unknown and the fighting is still ongoing.

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