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Somaliland: Ceel Afweyn protestors hoist the Somali Flag

Ceel Afweyn Feb 05, 2023 (SD) -Protests took place in the city of Ceel Afweyn in the Sanaag region, where angry citizens were protesting the killing of civilians by the Somaliland forces.

According to reports, some of the protesters hoisted the Somali flag while expressing their dissatisfaction with the Somaliland forces in the region, whom they accused of killing many civilians.

The killings in Ceel-Afweyn are believed to be part of a planned effort to harass the people, according to some Somaliland parliamentarians from the Sanaag region.

The parliamentarians have called on the Somaliland government to take action against the forces that are harassing the people and anyone who threatens the security of the city.

Ceel-Afweyn is the second city to experience protests against Somaliland, following recent protests in Laascaanood that lasted for ten days and resulted in many deaths.

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