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British mother blames president Muse for arresting her son for being a candidate

London (SD) – A British mother accuses Somaliland President of arresting her son along with another candidate for running in the country’s British funded election.

The arrested two candidates are Raage Ahmed Yusuf running for the House of Representatives and Hargeisa City Council candidate Mohamud Ahmed Jama (Dhadoon).

The mother says her British son was captured by British-funded anti-terror RRU forces, right after his constituency agreed to support him.

The opposition UCID party has accused President Bihi’s government of kidnapping the two candidates.

“We see the arrest of the two UCID candidates as kidnapping and the government has dismissed the law” said UCID Secretary Yusuf Kayse.

The two candidates are currently held at Mandera prison, “facility reserved for murderers and rapist” without charges, according to candidate Rage’s mother.

“We loudly condemn the illegal arrest of UCID Finance Secretary and House of Representatives candidate Rage Ahmed Yusuf Said and City Council candidate Mohamud Ahmed Jama (Dhadoon), whose nomination ceremonies would have been on (last) Thursday.” Said the secretary.

Rage’s British mother in a Facebook video, described her son’s arrest as a travesty and injustice, and appealed to British authorities in helping her son.

Britain has an Office in Hargeisa, and it is not yet known if it is involved in the release of Raage Ahmed.

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