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Bulo Burte airport destroyed by explosions

Bulo Burte (SD) – News from Bulo Burte district in Hiran region say parts of newly constructed buildings inside Bulo Burte airport have been leveled by explosion’s today.

The blasts specifically destroyed the security checkpoint as well as the passenger waiting area at Bula-Burte district airport, according to photos taken at the airport, after the blasts.

The blasts killed at least one person and injured three others, according to eyewitness reports.

The targeted airport was jointly operated by government and Djiboutian forces under AMISOM, who have already launched an investigative operations there.

The bombings at Bulo-Burte International Airport came after renovations were recently completed.

The Somali government has not yet commented on the blast at Bulo Burte airport.

Though they haven’t yet claimed the destruction of the Airport. the attack is suspected to have been carried out by Al Shabaab.

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