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CANADA: First Somali MP in Nova Scotia parliament

Halifax (SD) – Ali Duale, who fled to Canada as a refugee, became the first Muslim, Somali to become a member of the Canadian Parliament in Nova Scotia.

Ali Duale, a firefighter is also know for helping youth and the community in Halifax Armdale for some time, received 40.2% of the 41st provincial vote.

Julie Melanson of the NDP received 34.2%, while Richard MacLean of the Progressive Conservative Party received 22.1%.

Ali Duale is the fourth, of three other black people to win the election, the highest number of blacks ever to serve in the Nova Scotia state legislature.

Ali, a member of the Liberal Party, said he was committed to addressing the needs of the people.

He also said the region was not populated by Somalis, but was able to be successful in the election because of his social work and in advocating for immigrants.

The newly elected Duale promised to address schools and education needs in the Provence and introduce anti-Islamophobia laws.

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