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Candidate Jamal Hassan seeks election fairness for himself

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali Government Minister of Planning Jamal Mohamed Hassan said the electoral process for Somalia’s parliamentary elections in Bossaso are inconsistent with the agreed upon procedures.

Minister Jamal told the BBC Somali Service that the parliamentary elections in Bossaso will be held in a tent set up inside the city’s airport.

The Minister added that security at the polling stations in Bossaso were being safeguarded by forces other than the Somalia national police forces and other troops, who were prepared for election security management under the agreement with AMISOM.

Minister Jamal Mohamed Hassan noted that the security forces for this election are the PMPF and said that they are supported from elsewhere, which he reported goes against the process.

Few of the candidates for the parliamentary seats in Bossaso, issued a press statement yesterday expressing their concern and urged for a quick resolution over the selection of delegates for the seats they are competing for.

Minister Jamaal appears to be seeking a fair election justice that other candidates have not received and has turned a deaf ear during his term.

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