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Somaliland Telecommunication Companies agree to integrate mobile calling

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland has after a long struggle, succeeded in allowing customers of local telecommunications companies operating in the country in talking.

Somaliland’s Ministry of Communications and Technology has successfully reached an agreement with telecommunications companies to officially implement local calling between them in Somaliland today.

Somalilanders expressed mixed reactions to the deal, with some welcoming the agreement to open local calling between companies, and others questioning the motive behind the deal.

The government is believed to have strong armed Somaliland’s largest telecommunication company Telesom to allow to share its, network with much smaller entities with links to the President.

Insider confirm with knowledge of the matter say that this deal would not have been reached unless demanded by the Bihi government, accusing him of nepotism.

Somaliland has a robust telecommunications sector, largely due to constitutional right that allowed up until now entrepreneurs the freedom to invest and develop their businesses without governmental interference.

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